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How can you help me?

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Metaphors and EET provide a powerful combination of techniques to help you resolve the issues and difficulties in your life. This combination of approaches is particularly useful as it allows the practitioner to treat your problems quickly and efficiently, and directly.

What is the therapy like?

Therapy varies considerably from client to client, and depends to a great extent upon what the client responds to best. In other words, whilst there are a large number of techniques, there isn’t an off-the-shelf trick that works in the same way for everyone. The practitioner will establish, quite quickly, the best sorts of methods for you during the initial stages of your session. For further information regarding therapy please do feel free to call us.

How is it different from other therapies?

It is important to understand that our work is not ‘therapy’ in the traditional sense of the word. We are not ‘mending a broken person’. It is more accurate to say that what we do is train your mind to bring more flexibility and choice to the way that you think. In turn this gives you choice in how you feel, and this gives you more flexibility in the way that you behave.

How long will it take to sort my problem out?

Naturally it depends upon the ‘problem’ as straightforward things like phobias and nail biting are typically resolved in one session whereas chronic and severe depression is likely to take up to half a dozen sessions or more.

What happens in the first consultation

Your first consultation in case of a therapy is free.The first session is an in depth consultation and it is unlikely that therapy is conducted the first time you visit. Your first consultation is important as it gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns or worries and whether or not you wish to proceed. This also gives me an opportunity to tell you exactly what to expect and what type of therapy would best suit your needs. Most sessions last between 50 -60 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the circumstances.

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