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Mind Your Life Program

Living a happy, peaceful & content life

Most of us are looking for something or the other in life. The question is what specifically do we want?

Even though we may start by asking for more money, better relationships, success.... it finally boils down to feeling happy, peaceful, content....

Since we want happiness, peace, contentment... it implies that we dont have these or atleast not to the extent we would like them to be.

Reasons behind our problems

So if we consider this to be a problem, the source of our problem can be classified as one or more of the following:

  1. I am responsible for my problem (E.g: I am not happy with my current behavior, say procrastination, which I am not able to change)
  2. Others are responsible for my problems (Eg: My wife just doesn't understand or my boss is really mean or my child is like a pain...)
  3. Situations / circumstances are responsible for my problem (in other words I did not know how to deal with these situations)
  4. My problems are related to future (future is uncertain which makes me feel afraid / anxious)

Key to live a happy life

In other words the key to living a happy, peaceful, content life is

  1. Understanding our self and the reasons behind our choices, so that we can make better choices now.
  2. Undesrtanding the way people (I & others) behave with each-other and finding appropriate ways to express our self in a way that we can influence others behavior.
  3. Accessing the power within us to work with these situations to achieve our goals.
  4. Letting go of these fears / anxiety and replacing them with appropriate planning and faith.

Mind your life

This is a category which consists of two workshops which helps you achieve the same. These workshops are:

  1. Meet yourself 
    Which focuses on helping you understand your self, the way your mind works, your choices, your fears and accessing & using the power that lies within you to bring about a lasting positive change in your life. For more information click here... and
  2. Happy Relationships 
    Which focuses on improving your communication and your relationships with people around you by helping you understand the way they behave, the reasons behind their behaviors and finding appropriate ways to help you express your self in a way that you can influence others behavior. For more information click here...

You can choose to live a happy, peaceful & content life by registering for any one or both these workshops.

Register NOW...

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