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Ready for a Major Breakthrough in Your Life?

On April 21 - 22 in New Delhi

Do you want your life to mean so much more to you?

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Lack of fun and joy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fears and issues about money
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Repeating patterns that you can’t break free from
  • Addictions
  • Confusion about your life purpose
  • You have made progress in your personal growth but want to move more fully into your full potential

Do you truly want things to change in your life? Are you tired of how things have been for you? If you are truly ready to get unstuck in your life and move forward in a powerful way then the Breakthrough Workshop is perfect for you

In Order to Move Forward, the Breakthrough workshop will help you

1. Let go of what is no longer serving you and release:

  • the old feelings
  • the beliefs you absorbed from your family
  • the outdated and limiting views of yourselves
  • the limiting beliefs of what you can and cannot do in your life
  • the inaccurate beliefs about who you are

2. In Embracing the Now & Loving Yourself in the Present

You will open up to seeing who you really are and learn to take loving actions on the inner and outer level to move into more confidence and self-love. We will be using the powerful techniques to help you open up to seeing yourself clearly and to help you move into a permanent shift bringing self-loving actions in your life.

3. In Welcoming -What Tomorrow will Bring

We will be focusing on getting clear about your ideal life vision.

  • Learn techniques to help shift you quickly into Joy – no matter what is going on around you!
  • Now that you are in the higher vibration of your real self – what kind of life you want to create – what are your deepest dreams for a vibrant and joyful life.

Is NOW the time for a Breakthrough in your life ?

Are you ready to:

  • Finally love yourself
  • Shift your relationships to be able to share more love and joy (the bigger you shift – the more your relationships will)
  • Live more in the higher states of love, joy and peace – have more fun
  • Open up to bring in more abundance at every level
  • Gain clarity about your dreams and step forward to embrace them
  • Have a deeper Spiritual Connection and live more in a state of grace.

Register Now, Limited Seats

Upcoming Dates

April 21 - 22 in New Delhi

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