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Reprogram your mind with the most innovative breakthrough mind techniques.

Are you a victim of your mind, your emotions and your life?

If you are like most people, you’re on automatic. You live life at the mercy of your thoughts, at the mercy of your emotions and thinking, “If only things were different…”

Like most people you battle daily with fear, anxiety, procrastination, negativity and self-sabotage. You struggle to kick self-defeating habits and ache to change. You’ve been hypnotized into powerlessness.

We use a unqiue combination of different breakthrough theraputic modalities to work with your subconscious mind & Reprogram it in a way that helps you in achieving the objective of the therapy.

The therapy is based on the premise that your subconscious mind – which stores your life experiences, your memories and controls your belief systems -- is responsible for the automatically triggered actions and emotions that you suddenly experience upon facing certain situations.

Understanding how the subconscious mind works...

The best way to understand how the subconscious mind works is through the example of driving a vehicle. When you first learn to drive, you typically struggle to do other activities such as hold a conversation while at the wheel. That's because you are using their conscious mind to drive.

Yet weeks later, the driving process becomes automatic. You suddenly find yourself being able to talk, eat, drink and change the radio all at the same time while you drive.

This is because the driving process has been transferred to the subconscious mind so the conscious mind is free to function on other activities.

Have you ever driven to work on autopilot and think to yourself “how did I get here” once you arrive? That’s the power of the subconscious mind.

How problems become rooted in your subconscious mind...

The subconscious mind guides our actions and feelings in an automatic manner to make our lives easier.

Problem arise however when your subconscious becomes programmed to perform negative behaviours or functions. In this case, emotional issues rooted in your subconscious begin manifesting themselves in other areas of your conscious life.

When this occurs, all the conscious effort in the world will be of little use to bringing any sort of worthwhile or lasting change to your life.

As with smoking for example, most smokers struggle to stop smoking with will-power alone. Even though they've made a conscious effort to stop, they often cannot because the subconscious part of their mind has reasons for the habit to continue.

But when these subconscious reasons change, smoking suddenly becomes easier to quit. Which is what our therapy helps you to do.

As Frank Wright quotes in his book 'Emotional Healing', "If you plant rice, rice will grow. If you plant fear, fear will grow".

Here's How Our Therapy Sessions Work...

We start our therapy by first helping you understand and define your problem clearly and specifically.

Then we help you reach a certain state of mental and physical relaxation. In this state the subconscious mind is receptive and can be easily reprogrammed.

Next is to then assess your problem and identify the root cause laying in you sub-conscious. Many times, this is something you have forgotten or have no idea about.

Once the cause is unearthed, the next step is to resolve it. During this step, we will help you release the original energetic causes of their problem and address it through reprogramming.

Finally, we help you to remove any negative energy that surrounds your ailments and replace it with positive energy through relaxation, suggestions & other techniques. Under normal circumstances, the subconscious mind can expel the negative energy from your system as soon as the root cause is resolved.

In Short...

Our therapy helps you utilize your own natural inner ability to make change. Best of all, it aims to deal with the root causes of your problems, not just the symptoms which is where modern medicine falls short.

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Reprogram your mind with the most innovative breakthrough mind techniques.