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Are negative emotions really negative-3

Helplessness to happiness Part-3 (Links to part 1 & 2 after comments)

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I had by now started realising that

  1. I was pushing a lot of things under the carpet in the pretext of positive thinking and
  2. Most of my efforts were directed towards staying away from the so called negative feelings.

When I look back today, its like I was running away from what I truelly felt in that moment. I see a lot of people around me doing this today.

One of the basic rules about life that I have observed is
"More we try to run away from something, the higher are the chances of we facing it."

So I just stopped for a moment, looked around and spoke to a friend who said something that changed the way I looked at my life. He said:
"Everything that happens in my life has a reason behind it. In most cases the reason is for me to learn something new."

This one statement resulted in a lot of others questions for me like:

  1. Is it possible that even the so called negative emotions were there to teach me something.
  2. Is the resolution to my problems in embracing & observing my feelings instead of running away from them.
  3. And most importantly, if these feelings are there to teach me something, then are they really negative?

I end this note with these three question for everyone reading this. Kindly use the comments to share your views and experiences.

From the next note onwards, I will pick up individual emotions (Guilt, Anger, Anxiety / fear) and talk about how each of these have helped me grow & develop as an individual.

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