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The Journey continues (Perceptions) - 2

Part 2

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After I read the books on positive thinking and applied the concepts in my life, I became aware and to some extent sure of the fact that experiences don't really create problems, all problems are a result of certain so called negative emotions (anger, sadness, guilt...) that we attach to experiences. Now which emotion is attached to an experience is generally a result of our perspective.

Most problems in life are just a matter of perception. Do you choose to perceive things in your life, is a constructive, positive way? So, if my brother shouts at me and I choose to perceive this shouting as his hatred towards me, I will attach maybe anger with this experience which then becomes the problem but if I perceive the shouting as his love which helped me learn from my mistake then I may actually feel good about the entire experience.

This approach helped me in a lot of situations but not all in fact in some situations it created even more problems for me.

For e.g.: there were some situation where I made some mistakes and I felt guilty. Since I by now knew that problems are result of perception, I started looking for what good could have happened because of this mistake.

The good thing about mind is it finds what it is looking for, which means I was able to find something good even in the worst of situations, which is in a way a really good thing. At the same time I stopped looking at the mistakes as mistakes and hence never learnt from them. This is where one needs to be careful when applying these concept in life.

I kept repeating the same mistakes and got into a pattern in life which was creating a problem for me but I kept pushing the mistakes / problem under the carpet in the pretext of positive thinking and perception...

All this because I still thought / felt that, if I could keep looking at things with a positive attitude, I would stay away from certain emotions that were considered as negative by me...

Part 3 to this note will be available soon, but before you get to that,

  • Look back in your life and check if you have been making the same mistake again and again because you have not learnt from the earlier mistakes.
  • Observe if you have also been pushing things under the carpet in the pretext of positive thinking...

In case you would like to share these situations with us or need some help use the comments below.

If you feel this can help someone you know then like, share, comment on this note...

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