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The Journey Starts (Perceptions) - 1

Part 1

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For a long time in my life I thought that there are certain things, people, situations... in life that are good and others that are bad. Everything that I thought was bad made me feel sad, agitated, anxious... and all that I thought was good, made me feel  happy, peaceful, calm, joyous...

What was good and what was bad was a decision based on what I had learnt from observing & listening to people around me. Since my feelings were based on these things, people, situations... most of which I had no control over, I felt terribly helpless.

I even learnt to become fine with this helplessness and continued doing nothing to feel better.... till something happened that shook me. I started asking questions, questions like why me?

And this frustrated me further becuase I started thinking even more about those things and people who were (as I thought then) responsible for my misery.

Then one day I read a very good note / article that was shared by my friend on how our feelings are rarely dependent on what happens to us but are majorly a result of how we perceive things that are happening to us. 

Albert Einstein once said “You can look at the world as mostly friendly, or mostly hostile – either way you’ll find evidence to support both.”

This got me thinking, and I changed my question to "Is there a way to change the way I am perceiving things in my life".  I wanted to change my perception as I thought some emotions like anger, sadness... are negative & I shouldn't feel them. So I began looking at those situations where I felt these emotions and intellectually found positive ways of looking at them.

Image depicting happinessI was able to resolve a lot of my problem by simply changing my perspective and looking at the positive side. At the same time there were other situations where no matter how positive I tried to be, I just wasn't able to resolve them & I kept pushing these situations under the carpet in the pretext of being positive but the so called negative emotions just kept coming back and each time with higher intensity.

So once again after some time I started asking questions and looking for answers.....

Before you move on to the next note (a link to which is available further down), I would like you to check the situations in your life where:

  1. You can find a different perspective to look at your current problem which will help you change the way you feel. 
  2. You have been pushing things under the carpet in the pretext of being positive.

In case you would like to share these situations with us or need some help use the comments below.

If you feel this can help someone you know then like, share, comment on this note...

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