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Ineffective Training In Business

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Training focused on knowledge and skills not enough

In todays world a lot of importance is placed on training. Training is useful but if it only focuses on knowledge and skills and neglects the development of proper attitude in trainees, its effectiveness is reduced to a great extent.

A lot of people know what to do and how to do it i.e. they have the knowledge and the skills, but they dont perform nearly as well as they could. The reason being self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, that shape attitudes, which block the effective application of knowledge and skills.

Thus, a good training program should not only focus on knowledge and skills but also on making the trainees realize the importance of their thoughts that shape their attitudes.

Positive thinking and employees-

Most people start their jobs with a positive, hopeful outlook. They go to work everyday earnestly looking to do the best they can. But as in most areas of life they beset with problems, challenges and crisis in the workplace everyday. Even the most positive people at times can be beaten down.

The challenge for managers is to create an environment that constantly reinforces and nurtures positive attitudes. Some good managers are inherently good in this regard. But others require a plan or a set of guidelines to show them how.

This is where positive thinking can play a powerful role. It can provide the guidelines to help people get to the source of their internal barriers like negativity, pessimism etc and also to remove these barriers as they affect performance.


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