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Signs And Symptoms Of Anger

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Recognizing the Physiological Signs of Anger

By recognizing the physiological signs of anger, we can attune ourselves to know when it is time to take measures to make sure that our level of anger does not get out of control. Here are some symptoms of anger:

  1. Unconscious tensing of muscles, especially in the face and neck.
  2. Teeth grinding
  3.  Breathing rate increases dramatically
  4. Face turns red and veins start to become visible due to an increase in blood pressure
  5. Face turns pale
  6. Sweating
  7. Feeling hot or cold
  8. Shaking in the hands
  9. Goosebumps
  10. Heart rate increases
  11. Adrenaline is released into your system creating a surge of power.

Symptoms Of Anger 

  1. Explosive outbursts leading to physical attack or destruction of property.
  2. Exaggerate hostility to unimportant irritants.
  3. Rapid and harsh judgment statements made to or about others.
  4. Use of body language such as tense muscles, clenched fist or jaw, glaring looks, or refusal to make eye contact.
  5. Use of passive-aggressive behaviors.
  6. Social withdrawal due to anger.
  7. Refusing to complete assignments on timely basis.
  8. Refusing to follow instructions or rules.
  9. Complaining about authority figures behind their back.
  10. Refusing to participate in activities when this behavior is expected.
  11. Authority is challenged or disrespected.
  12. Verbal abusive language is utilized.
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