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Anger and Its Effects

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What Is Anger?

Anger is a strong emotion of displeasure caused by some type of grievance that is either real or perceived to be real by a person. The cognitive behavior theory attributes anger to several factors such as past experiences, behavior learned from others, genetic predispositions, and a lack of problem-solving ability. To put it more simply, anger...

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Causes Of Anger

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Anger is caused by a combination of two factors: an irrational perception of reality (It has to be done my way) and a low frustration point (Its my way or no way).

Internal Causes of Anger

Our internal sources of anger come from our irrational perceptions of reality. Psychologists have identified four types of thinking that contribute to anger.

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Managing Anger

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Everyone feels angry sometimes. Anger is a normal response to feeling threatened or frustrated. However, if its not well managed, it becomes a problem, threatening your career, your relationship and every aspect of your life.

To manage excessive anger, you need to learn how to express your feelings in a healthier way so that anger becomes a helpful, controlled reaction to those everyday frustrations.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Anger

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Recognizing the Physiological Signs of Anger

By recognizing the physiological signs of anger, we can attune ourselves to know when it is time to take measures to make sure that our level of anger does not get out of control. Here are some symptoms of anger:

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 Summary of Anger Management
Summary of Anger Management
Anger Management  Anger Management
Here you will find everything about what anger really is, what are its causes, its signs and symptoms and how to manage it.
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