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The Power of Positive Thinking in Business

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In his book "YOU CAN WIN" Mr. Shiv Khera writes- "I have spoken to executives in major corporations all over the world and asked one question:

"If you had a magic wand and there was one thing you would want changed, that would give you a cutting edge in the marketplace resulting in increased productivity and profits, what would that be?"

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Steps for Using The Power Of Positive thinking In Business-

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There are seven steps for the application of positive thinking to solve a business problem. They are-
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How can Positive Thinking Help You In Your Business?

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A lot of people fail to reach their full potential in business. Why?

Do this simple exercise:

  1. Make a list of all the reasons that you can think of for this.
  2. Evaluate and rank these reasons. 1st is the most important reason, 2nd being the second most important reason and so on.
  3. After ranking the reasons in...
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Example Of Application of Positive Thinking In Business and ...

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Some  years back economic condition was not so good. During this time I went to a  function with my father. There we met a couple of his friends in real state  business. My father enquired about how their business was. I very well remember  the answers of two people because of there contrasting views. One of them  complained that the...

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Ineffective Training In Business

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Training focused on knowledge and skills not enough

In todays world a lot of importance is placed on training. Training is useful but if it only focuses on knowledge and skills and neglects the development of proper attitude in trainees, its effectiveness is reduced to a great extent.

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Benefits of Positive Thinking For Managers/Management

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  1. It is an important tool for managing stress, thereby helping managers in taking proper decisions in critical and stressful situations.
  2. Managers think from the win/win situations point of view.
  3. Since positive thinking helps in stress and anger management, it helps in avoiding hostile situations in organizations.
  4. A person with...
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 Summary of Positive Thinking in Business
Summary of Positive Thinking in Business
Positive Thinking in Business  Positive Thinking in Business
positive thinking concept can be very effectively implemented in business in a systematic way. This can be done by.....
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