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Causes Of Jealously

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Jealousy usually seems to result from a couple of different scenarios:

There is "proof" or at least a strong suspicion that agreements and commitments between two people have actually been broken by one of them or ...

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Effects of jealousy on personality

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  1. Intensity of jealousy determines & affects the success ratio, more the intensity less the success.
  2. Makes one afraid
  3. Makes one angry
  4. Can lead to depression
  5. Increases stress in life
  6. Destroys relations
  7. Makes one feel lonely
  8. Creates irrational doubts in mind
  9. Makes one...
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Overcoming Jealousy Through The Power Of Positive Thinking

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  1. Pay attention to your thoughts: In order to control jealousy you will first have to learn where your jealousy is coming from. There is always a cause for jealousy to arise and once you have those causes figured out, controlling it will become easier.
    You must take a pause every time you feel jealous and ask yourself why you feel that...
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What is Jealousy?

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It's been our experience that what's underneath jealousy is fear of one kind or another. Jealousy is about real or imagined fears--fear of abandonment, fear of loss of love, fear of being dishonored in the relationship, fear of being shamed in the community, unresolved issues from past relationships, lack issues, poor self esteem, cover or mask for things from the past that you haven't healed yet, vindictive or a desire for revenge that is misguided or misdirected toward someone else.
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 Summary of Overcome Jealousy
Summary of Overcome Jealousy
Overcome Jealousy  Overcome Jealousy
Here you will find everything about what jealousy really is, what are its causes, its signs and symptoms and how to manage it.
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